Lessons that are designed to be fun and encourage students to improve and achieve their own personal goals.

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I am an experienced guitar player with a passion for music and teaching musicians of all ages. Over the past several years I have organised and been included in a number of live performances and recording projects. I think that the guitar is one of the most expressive and fun instruments to play and I would encourage anyone to start learning or improve their skill.

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Lessons can be taught at my home studio, at your location or remotely depending on your preference. Block bookings are available.

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Guitar Lessons for all Ages and Abilities

Professional Equipment

Guitars, amplifiers, etc. are made available to all students. No equipment is necessary to start learning.

Safe and Friendly Environment

DBS checked and certified: Child Protection in Education (Music) Level 2. Documents available upon request.

Beginners Welcome

All ages and abilities welcome. Parents or guardians are welcome to sit in on as many lessons as they want to.

Excellent Guitar Tuition at a Reasonable Price


Piers has been fantastic at helping me to make the next step with my guitar playing. I love his enthusiasm and understanding of music and he encourages me to try things out that I would normally shy away from. I would highly recommend Piers if you want a calm patient guitar teacher! 

- Ben Ford


Questions are the root of all answers

How long does it take to learn the guitar?
The short answer is you never stop learning. That being said, a student who is dedicated, has regular tuition and practices between lessons, can learn the basics and begin to play some of their favourite songs and pieces within a few months.
Are taster sessions available for people wanting to give it a go?
Yes, anyone is welcome to come along for a free taster session before committing. Equipment including guitars and amplifiers are made available to every student meaning no investment required.
Can I Learn Remotely?

Yes, provided you have suitable equipment such as a smartphone, tablet or PC, remote lessons are entirely possible.

Do I need my own equipment to start learning?
Absolutely not. I have ensured that spare equipment, including guitars and amplifiers, is available to all students who attend lessons. It is expected after a while of tuition that students invest in their own equipment. Mainly so they can practice between lessons.
I am a parent or guardian. Can I sit in on lessons?
Absolutely! Parents and guardians are welcome to sit in on as many lessons as they feel comfortable.
How long do lessons last?
Lessons tend to last an hour. This is, however, completely flexible and prices are adjusted accordingly.
Can I achieve my grades in guitar?

I am personally not formally qualified to asses and award grades. I can, however, prepare you if you wish to grade in guitar.

Is theory taught as well as technique?

Good knowledge of theory can be of great benefit. Lessons are tailored to each student and therefore the balance of theory and practical technique is based on the particular goals of each student.

Are block bookings available?
Yes. Block bookings are available but not necessary. I would, in either case, encourage a regular tuition schedule for anyone wanting to progress effectively.
How effective are remote lessons?

Modern technology has enabled remote tutoring, however, it requires a different skill set. I have been exclusively providing remote tuition to some students for over two years which has proved very effective.

Are group lessons available?
Yes, however, I would advise that no more than two students attend a session. This ensures that enough individual attention is given to students.
How often do lessons take place?
Typically every week or every two weeks. This is, however, completely flexible. I would always encourage a regular tuition schedule and one that fits in with your schedule.
What documents and certificates are available about Piers Ward?
I always ensure that my DBS certificate is up to date and available to anyone upon request. I have also successfully completed the Child Protection in Education (Music) Level 2 Certification. A certificate is also available upon request. If there is anything else you would like to know please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
How often do I need to practice?
As much as possible! The guitar, like most instruments, gets more fun the more you improve so the more you practice the more fun you have!


Excellent guitar tuition at a reasonable price

Piers has been fantastic at helping me to make the next step with my guitar playing. I love his enthusiasm and understanding of music and he encourages me to try things out that I would normally shy away from. I would highly recommend Piers if you want a calm patient guitar teacher!

-Ben Ford

From lesson one I felt completely relaxed and comfortable

Piers’s manner with me when teaching is excellent. He always makes time to listen and has great patience when teaching. He structures lessons well and is flexible to change depending on how I progress. When I watch Piers play the guitar, when demonstrating, it keeps me so inspired to learn more and more. I always look forward to my lessons. They are good fun, and I know Piers will make sure I keep on track after the lesson by sending lesson plans to assist my practising. It’s these little touches that make Piers my top choice!

-Nicola Fletcher

Inspirational, Patient & Caring

My 12-year-old son has been inspired by Piers – he just can’t get enough guitar practice!! Genuine and very professional.

-Tina Joyce

Very patient & diligent

Piers is a great guitar tutor, very patient and diligent and is keen for tutees to grasp fundamental concepts to aid their future learning. He also acknowledges your personal goals and interests and tailors lessons around these. He is also really flexible with regards to timings which is very helpful. Overall, highly recommend.

-Lucy Collins

Enjoyable & Interesting

I Thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Piers. He is very patient and encouraging. The lessons are fascinating as we cover some music theory and structure as well as playing the guitar. I Would highly recommend

-Kate Prentice

Exceptional Teaching To Inspire Confidence In Playing!

Piers is a fantastic guitar teacher who puts you feel at ease, never talks down to you and makes you feel more confident as a player. Being a shy adult learner, I was initially nervous about getting lessons, but Piers made me feel comfortable right away. I had a block booking as a birthday present and by splitting the lessons into theory, technique and playing songs I felt like I got loads out of every lesson and have definitely taken a step up as a player. Piers came to our house for the first free taster lesson, then I went to his home studio, which is a great environment packed with lovely guitars to play as well as all the amps needed for a great lesson. Piers is also skilled in working on guitars too and really improved the sound of mine, which was a huge plus for practising at home. I really can’t recommend him enough!

-Tom Ballard

Finding the right tutor is important . . . I did!

Instead of starting to learn the guitar at 10 years old, I left it 50 years too late! I wanted a tutor who would have a very relaxed attitude, teach me to play simple stuff and adapt their teaching to an old guy with stubby fingers (and arthritis in them!) Piers is that man… his approach is exactly what I wanted. He is an extremely patient tutor, only getting me to progress at a speed I feel comfortable with. Whenever I may get frustrated with a piece I am trying to learn, he will ease off and get me to do something completely different for a while to ensure that I maintain my enjoyment of learning to play the guitar. Yet his teaching skills still have made me progress with my playing and have really started to instil an understanding of the guitar fretboard. His own playing skills are phenomenal, and although he keeps things simple for me personally, I have every faith in his ability to teach to a far higher level than I would hope to achieve!

-Stephen Gaulter

Piers is extremely patient and responsive to his students' needs

My son is making great progress, looks forward to lessons and leaves them feeling inspired.

-Dirk Norman

A great guitar teacher

My daughter is progressing extremely well. She loves her lessons. Piers always ensures she fully understands what is being taught.

-Isabella Nicolaou

Excellent tutor

What a great tutor Piers is. I Have been trying to learn for 2 years now and in my mind failed so I went to Piers for help. He is so understanding and tailors the needs of the individual well. He has taught me so much, improved my technique and given me more self-confidence and belief. Absolutely brilliant guy. I am 60+ and would highly recommend Piers for any age group.

-David Church

Something Special

Not only is he a fabulous guitarist who can teach many genres, he is also fantastic at actually teaching. I also wanted to learn song composition and his knowledge is amazing. After just three lessons, I composed my first ’song’ and haven’t stopped since, getting more and more confident with adding complexity to new compositions after each lesson.

-Tom Evans

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